Finance Questions Explained Simply

Simple explanations with no jargon

finance explained simply

on January 12, 2012

Mention anything to do with managing finances in my house and everyone scatters in different directions.  It’s like trying to herd cats.

In this economic climate (words we have heard so often since 2008) it’s hard to be enthusiastic about anything to do with money, let alone trying explain it to your kids.  With doom and gloom about the economy in the news on a daily basis it’s easy to switch off.  The constant reports of profit warnings, the Eurozone crisis and the like leave many people cold and my partner now often changes channel to avoid the depressing news reports.

With this blog I want to simplify topics such as insurance, pensions, mortgages, and taxes so that you get a general understanding of the subject which, if you need to, you can then explore further.  I want your children to be able to read this and for the lightbulb to go on for them without boring the pants off them.

I hope to impart some useful advice along the way and I expect I will probably learn a great deal myself in the process.  Your feedback and comments will be really important too, so please don’t be shy to let me know your views, or indeed if you think I have mis-represented anything.


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