Finance Questions Explained Simply

Simple explanations with no jargon


Dear Readers

I am a 45 year old mother with 2 children of my own and 2 step children, now all in their teens.  This blog has been inspired by them, particularly my step daughter, Alannah, who simply has questions galore and has more than once flummoxed me by asking questions like ‘What’s insurance?’ and ‘Why do we have to pax taxes’ along with many other pertinent financial questions which, when caught on the hop, can be quite difficult to answer in a clear and concise manner that a child can understand.

The lack of financial teaching in schools to my mind is a travesty.  Teaching financial literacy such as how to fill in a tax form, why we need car insurance, how credit cards work, what interest rates are, etc., should be compulsory.  Managing your financial affairs is a life skill and should be up there with English and Maths in my opinion.  Perhaps if finance was a compulsory subject we would have more entrepreneurs starting new businesses, less debt and better quality of life from the informed choices we would make.

I intend to attempt to address some of these matters as simply as possible and with some colour and humour (a rare thing in the world of finance).  I hope you will find this blog useful – if only to direct your children to it to save having to try to explain these things yourself.

Please note – I do not claim to be an expert in any of the matters I am going to write about.  If you feel I have not explained something properly then please do not hesitate to comment.

Best wishes



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